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Welcome To Sims World

Hello One and all we are back again to make yet annother announcement we have recived today annother user created home and we would like to thank Dtown196 for donating it to us. Great home go on over and Check it out
Hello It is a beutiful Evening On July The Ninth The Redsign is almost comple so to celebrate early I have a gift for us all ... A New Set of Objects. It has in it a colection of retro stuff. So Goto New Objects

Hello all as we enter the final stages of the renovations I have an announcement to make. I am going to be setting to work immediatly on a new set of objects and after that I will be building a house party section. Lower down on this page is my email I would really appreciate your downtown homes to post on this site you will get full credit as you made them. (you dont have to give your real name) I will start work on this section in about a week it should be up in two weeks so get sending in those submissions to have your stuff posted on this site. Remember this is for downtown buildings. I would really appreciate this halp as I could use it to help me make this site better faster. As you may have noticed the renovations have taken us longer than planned and I am sorry about that as there was much more html to write than I though. So yes the site was rebuilt from scratch and yes I want your downtown houses to put on this site so click below to start to send them.
Thank you,
Web Master Sims World

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