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Week 4
The Diary of John Brown:

Dear Journal,
Today I laerned a BIG lesson. Never, say never. I'm just kidding. Today was like all days, except, when I was walking home, a teacher pulled my friend and I in their classroom. A few minutes later, over the loudspeaker, we heared someone say,
"Please stay in classrooms until we say. We have spotted a swarm of bees in our campus. If you walk home, don't throw, or bug them, for they will sting you."
Well, that was the only thing exciting. See ya!

Dear Journal,
This morning, when I was going to English, our whole class was standing outside. I asked waht was going on, and they said our teacher still wasn't here. And I was 10 minutes late! We waited about 20 minutes later until someone noticed us. We stayed in the library until 9:30, when our teacher came! Ha! Ha! Well, I'll see you later.

Dear Jornal,
Today is Saturday, and I was SO bored. My friends were out somewhere, and no one stayed arouned. I ended up playing video games, read a whole 200 page book, and did all my homework for the weekend. Some day! I hope Sunday will be more exciting. Bye Journal!