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Week 3
Mei Liang

September 4
Dear Diary,
My name is Mei Liang and I have just come back from Sim Park. I have black hair, brown eyes, 12, and right now I'm wearing jeans, and a white t-shirt. I went with my friend Laurel to Sim Park, and our favorite ride was the turner. After going on many rides we got some lunch, and then more rides, and went back home. I don't feel so good.

September 5
Dear Diary,
Today I missed school because my mom saw how bad I felt. When she went to work I got online, chatted with my friends, and watched The Matrix over and over. I didn't do anything exciting today, so I have nothing to say.

September 6
Dear Diary,
My mom is getting married! I've always wanted a dad, and I like the guy she's engaged to. After talking it over they decide it will be on the 1st of November. My future dad's name is Jeff, and he's REALLY nice. Well, I have to go. By Diary!