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Week 2
Tuesday, October 12
Dear diary,
Today I have just graduated from College. I bought you so I could remember what happened before I start a career. My name is Stacie Elms, and I have recently moved in a apartment in SimCity, but I have big plans ahead of me. I would like to become an animator, or a fasion designer, since I am intrested in both. Well, it is getting dark, and I must get some sleep soon. Good Night! -Stacie Elms

Wednsday, October 13
Dear Diary,
I have decided to get a job. I need to pay the bills, and I can't live by painting all day, especially when my friends are around.
I went on the internet to look for one, and I found a job opening for a Life of Crime, Journalist, and a Physic Phone a Friend. I took the journalist, since I could get into writing a book also. That morning my carpool picked me up to my new job.
My friends are coming over tonight, so I must stop. Goodnight! -Stacie Elms

Thursday, October 14
When I came home today I was coming home with good news. I got promoted! Being a typesetter isn't all that bad. After getting a big bonus I needed to celebrate. I invited a bunch of friends over, and I cooked some food, turned on the T.V., and soon they all came over. We celebrated all night, and finally they went home. I need some sleep too, so Good Night! -Stacie Elms