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Week 1
Weekly Diray week 1

November 10ovember 10
Hi, it's me Betty. I'm sorry I haven't written in this for so long, but with all the moving, it's very tiring.
My husband, Bob, and I have just moved in to a lot in Sim City. We moved into a small home, but enough for me, anyway. It consits of 1 bathroom, 1 bedroom, and 1 kitchen, and in the backyard is a small dining area.
After we unloaded all of our things we had to decide where to put them. After a few disagreements on furniture placement, we finally figured where to put all of our stuff, and Bob decided to get a job so he can provide for the family.

November 11
Hi again. Bob has finally found a job. It's a team mascot, but he probably took it because it was the only job in the paper today. He's never been that intrested in sports, but I guess he'll be fine.

November 12
Hello. Yesterday, when Bob came home, he got promoted! We're very happy. But soon I'll be having to get 2 showers because whenever he gets home, WHEW! Believe me, he sweats ALOT! But I suppose it's normal. I'll write later.