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Week 3
The Sims Famouse marrage.
One day two young Sims got married.
His wife a very good cook and himself were happy.
They loved to give each other gifts.
And they loved to kiss.
One day a mirical happened they decided to have a baby.
But there house was not prepared so they had to build on.
Construction stated nice and dandy.
But when it com to choseing carped and walls they just fought.
Then an interior decorator was hired and she  made a dreadful mess the new room looked like a disaster and without a thought they fired here and left the room alone.
The man's new wife decided to try her hand at painting but they ended up with a checered mess and the outside of the house was a disaster!
So they painted the outside to match the inside and it was hidiouse.
Finaly the babys wakey room was ready to move into so in whent the furnacher and the baby.
After all of the huss and fuss they aggreed the babys room was the nicest in the house.
one night while his moma was rocking him to bed his father lit a fire in the fire place.
That night a fire did break out.
The baby and his mother burned.
As usual the grim reaper arrived.
Poor mother she burned.
Baby Cradle is taken by the social worker!
Then onece the fire whent out the social services lady came to take the baby.
Aha she is about to stuff the baby into her purse that evil lady.
That mean lady she just stuffed the baby into her purse.
After that the old fater just had to do a clean up.
The End