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Week 2
This Week The Story of Ching Bong And how he survived a dreadful fire.
Ching Bongs Happy Party.
One Day Ching Bong decided to have a Party.
He had the pieat allot family over.
Along with the extreamly nice  hot tub dude.
The gests trashed the house.
One day Ching Bong Decided to lite a fire in the bear rug fire place.
But instead of buring the rug the stove blew up.
Then the bear rug fireplce whent on fire.
poof the two fires grew.
The sims panicked.
the first fire continues to grow.
Then the fire realy starts to grow.
In desperate attempts to save his house he trys to put out the fire.
After long hour of extingushing fire the fire is put out and the sims live happily ever after with no deaths.