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Week 1
This Week the Story of John Burno!
One Day a man played with matches and learnt a lesson!
His house was well furnached.
He event had a christal ball!  Then one day Abner Dewar came over to play!
Abner Dewar The Arsonest Set the house and his dear neighbor on fire.
His Neighbor has burned to death!
Then The grim reaper came to play.
He Was quick to oficialy kill Abners Poor neighbor!
Ahh! the bloody murderer is here!
Ohh poor litle sim He has just mudered him!
Happily the grim reaper sets the kitchen on fire along with himself!
The Grim reaper says Adiose. Be back later to kill Abner.
Abner has burned to death!
Abner Just stars to catch fire and the grim reaper shows up for a second round of fun!
The grim reaper once again marches up the drive. But this time to kill Abner for Playing with fire!
Ohh no! he Just killed Abner too boo hoo!
Wahh! These Poor sims they did not deserve this. Look at their poor litle graves!
Well the moral of the story as you can plainly see is not to play with matches and the stove!