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Story of the Week
Previos Weeks Storys
The Mad Party Animals
One Day two extreamly bored people decied to have a party.
People came by the dozens.
First thing they did was serve dinner.
Look at this very bad theft.
Mr. Played a concert fopr his geusts and they booed him.
As the booing whent on every body got madd..
Mrs. decided to grill for the guests.
Mrs. decided to grill for the guests.
Mrs. Seved the second plate of food to the geusts.
Mrsw. decied to lite a fire in the counter.
Then the fire dept came.
But the fire came back in full force.
At the same time the police came to breack up the party.
The fire grew and allong with this it clamed a life.
The grim reaper came to kill someone.
Mrs. Started to catch fire.
Up came the grim reaper for the second time.
so the party ended and the hosts were dead
Ha Ha Ha they have met the fate of the Grim Reaper.