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To open the cheat window press and holdCtrl,shift,C. (durring gamplay in a house)

water_tool This cheat enables the water tool for land scaping your lot with water. To deactivate the water tool, go into Build mode pick another tool. Hold down control and use the left mouse buttonto recreate land. Remember that water blcks sims routing.

draw_routes (on/off) Draw coulored dots on the selected Sim's path. This one's kind of cool.

autonomy (0 to 100) This cheat sets the destions for the sims so that they can do what they want on there own.

grow_grass (amount) Pick any number up to one hundred and fifty. this turns grass green.

map_edit (on/off) This allows you to unlock the floor tiles on the road and sidwalk.(the ones you can't build on.)

move_objects (on/off) when on this cheat allows you to move or delete any object in the game. (inckuding sims)

Klapaucius This cheat gives you 1,000 simoleans each time entered for the unupgraded vertion only. (v.1)

rosebud dose the same thing as klapaucius exept for the upgraded version only. (V 1.1)