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Aprill 29

Hello To All This Is a Message to us All from the Object Deamon He has made us all annother Object And I will be posting it within twenty four hours! It reads:Hello. To all of those people who send e-mails to me, thank-you. Some of them have very interesting ideas. Please understand that, due to the sheer volume of mail i recieve, i cannot possibly reply to them all. I do respond to some, but not most. Please try to understand. I am sorry if you were looking forword to a response, but this is the way things are. -The Object Demon.

Aprill 24

Well Today was a big Day we rentovated the first section of the objects area which had allot of broken links anyway we fixed these problems swiftly with our new objects section one hope you enjoy it! wait ahead in the weeks to come and see what we fix next!

Aprill 21

Hello We are currently redesinging sims World and when this is all done we invite you to return and see the downloads that we will add when this is complete!